Reading Comprehension- Diary Of A Wimpy Kid #2- Rodrick Rules HYUN12 NOTICIAS

This document provides quick reading comprehension questions to ask your student/child that relates to the book Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney. The ISBN13 of this book is 9780810988941. If you have any questions, feel free to message! There are 106 questions in this document. To see what you’re going to get, I’ve provided the first 5 questions of the document below. 1. What did Greg’s dad make him rejoin? (Pg. 2) Swim Team 2. What happened in Greg’s first ever swim meet? (Pg. 3) Was scared of the start gun, so it took him forever to finish the race 3. What award did Greg win at an awards Banquet? Why? (Pg. 4) Most improved/because he improved his time by 10 minutes 4. What did Greg try to convince his dad to let him do instead of swim class? (Pg. 5) Jazz class 5. What did Greg prefer instead of getting a ride home with Rodrick? (Pg. 8) Walking

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