After the Storm – an UP Original Movie starring Madeline Leon, Bo Yokely, and Craig Morgan HYUN12 NOTICIAS

MOVIE REVIEW Movie: After the Storm Network: UPtv Original Air Date: June 8, 2019 CAST: Madeline Leon … Lauren Bo Yokely … Collin Carlisle J. Williams … Ciro Diana Chrisman … Paige Craig Morgan … Sutter Will Ennis … Dane Colin Price … Nathan Cailan Laine Punnewaert … Winner of the 3 legged race Brian Scott Carleton … Construction Foreman Bobby Daniels … Pastor Francis Hugh Wilson … News Reporter #1 Mish Tam … News Reporter #2 Gabriel Davenport … Shawn Michael Morrone … Reporter Crystal Roberts … Officer Frida Sundance … Dancer Bryce Seto … Dev Mike Morrone … News Reporter #3 Stuart Stuart … Stuart PLOT: Storyline via UP: In the aftermath of a hurricane that’s destroyed her home, and most of her home town, a young teacher reconnects with a childhood crush to rebuild her home and her community. Storyline via Brain Power Studio: Stuck in the middle of a massive storm’s fury, school teacher Lauren Christensen sees Collin Traub carrying her dog to safety. After her family home washes away, she’s determined to rebuild in her own way. In the wake of the storm, Lauren is impressed with Collin’s helpful and caring attitude. Eventually, Collin is able to deal with family history and reach out to Lauren, as they grow their love and build their home together. Movie Review: Coming… See or Skip: Coming… — *images via: Brain Power Studio / UPtv

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