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43K views · 1.9K reactions | 7 PELÍCULAS BUENÍSIMAS EN NETFLIX 🍿🎥 #netflixmovies #Netflix #peliculas #peliculasrecomendadas #peliculasdenetflix | By Cine Recomiendo. | Very good movies you have to watch on Netflix nocturnal animals. A woman receives a mysterious package from her ex-husband who has not heard of for several years. In the package there is a novel written by him with a note saying read it and then contact him. If you like thriller movies, this one will give you tachycardia of how tense it is. Godzilla Mindus One. In one thousand ninety-five after the end of World War II, Japan tries to recover from the ravages of the war. But when a gigantic creature emerges to wreak havoc on the eastern village it will have to unite to destroy it, a must-see gem of a movie. Close, Leo and Remi are two best friends since childhood, they do everything together and have a lot of affection, but when they enter high school, these are affected by the prejudices of other children, a very sad and beautiful movie at the same time that is one of the better than two thousand twenty two. Crip. A cameraman accepts a job offer he saw on the internet, which consists of filming a kind of documentary for Joseph. A man who quits terminal cancer and wants to leave a farewell video to his son, but it seems that this offer hides something very sinister about it, if you like thriller or thriller movies, this will become one of your favorites. Bárbaro. A woman arrives in another city for a job interview, she rents a house to spend the night, but once she arrives she discovers that there is already a man inhabiting the house to which she says he rented it first, a horror movie, great, that you won’t see coming what is going to happen. Come on Cloverfield ten. After a car accident, a woman wakes up in an underground shelter, the owner of the tells her that there is a gas outside that will end her life if it leaves but it seems to be that this one did not tell her the whole truth a movie that is cooked in fire Slow quite entertaining Paddleton. Andy here are two best friends for many years. One lives on the floor above the other. They work together and play together. But when Marx has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. These ones take a journey to say goodbye. A beautiful movie about friendship that I have seen several times and I really recommend it a lot. HYUN12 NOTICIAS

7 PELÍCULAS BUENÍSIMAS EN NETFLIX 🍿🎥 #netflixmovies #Netflix #peliculas #peliculasrecomendadas #peliculasdenetflix Source by ferreiracarpio

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This Is Where I Leave You HYUN12 NOTICIAS

A side-splitting and heartbreaking tale, soon to be a major Hollywood movie starring Tina Fey, Connie Britton and Jason Bateman. Poor Judd Foxman returns home early to find his wife in bed with his boss – in the act. He now faces the twin threats of both divorce and unemployment. …

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